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Amalia Sterescu

I strongly believe that a leader has a vison in front of him/her and a team behind him/her, we cannot speak about leadership without one or the other. It is precisely action that makes a leader credible. Vision without action is just a delusion or wishful thinking! A genuine leader manages through his power of personal example, boldly tackles new ways, challenges the status quo, takes risks, and innovates where others have not even dared to dream. What I have just mentioned are just a few of the leadership lessons that I acquired in the 25 years of experience as a senior leader in corporations with a global footprint or as an entrepreneur in education. I’ve trained as a leader at the school of first multinationals that were entering Eastern European market after 1990, year after year I added complexity to my management roles in areas such as customer service, sales support, tele sales, telemarketing. As an intrapreneur I participated in 11 internal start-ups, I developed from scratch support services centers in Romania, China or India and I ran a business of $2B USD as Vice President within Oracle EMEA Support.. On this journey I developed strategies for success, I grew up local and international teams of leaders and the transition to senior leadership evolved naturally. Today, as the leader of my own business I am continuously learning that leadership in entrepreneurship is like an exam I take every day for the satisfaction of my customers! I create, customize, and facilitate unique development programs for international teams of leaders in various industries! Over the past years I developed unique programs like Charismatic Leadership, Digital Leadership, First time as manager, Strategic Networking, Mindful leadership – in this way I give back what I acquired in my experience to a wide range of over 100 strategic customers from various industries. As Public Speaking Coach and Founder of Public Speaking School I have personally taught over 2500 professionals in public speaking (team training or 1:1 coaching). I have developed the Amalia Sterescu method of public speaking through programs like Mastering Public Speaking or Speak to Inspire. I extended the training programs to pupils/students, to prepare them to become better leaders and better communicators. Today Public Speaking School is a landmark in education when it comes to training in this field. As Certified Personal Branding Strategist I personalized my own training program for top talents and I supported professionals from various industries in their process of accelerating their career or business start-up through personal branding. As Author I have published over 700 articles, my first book ”Dancing Tango with Life” was published in 2015, I write also on my Career Transformers Newsletter on LinkedIN. As Volunteer in Education I am Board Member for Romanian Gifted School, founder of #GiveBackRomania where we offer career counselling for hgh school students, also I have trained over 100 teachers from public schools in public speaking.

Benjamin Ball Associates Ltd - Business Presentation Skills Training

Award-winning business presentation skills training. We help ambitious firms & funds pitch & present to investors & customers. You get expert advice and presentation coaching. 15+ yrs track record | Blue Chip Clients | Investor Presentations | Pitching Advice | PE & VC | You work with an experienced team and get short, sharp, highly effective advice for Investor Presentation Coaching, Public Speaking Training Courses, Presentation design, Presentation coaching and Media Interview Training. Clients who use us include FTSE 100 companies, private equity fund managers and entrepreneurs. "I honestly thought it was the most valuable 3 hours I’ve spent with anyone in a long time."​ - is a typical client comment. This is why we have so much repeat business from our blue chip client list. Call us today on 020 7018 0922 or email Award-Winning Services - Most Outstanding Business Presentations Consultancy Firm // Global Excellence Awards - Best for Investor Presentation Coaching – UK // Alternative Investment Awards - Best for Financial Presentation Training - UK // Wealth & Money Management Awards.

Erin Aquilino

I am a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with a Master of Education in Communication Disorders from the University of Virginia. As an SLP, I have extensive knowledge of speech sound production and voice and resonance, as well as considerable experience training someone for more effective articulatory precision. I have my Certificate of Clinical Competence through the American Speech and Hearing Association, am licensed in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, and am a certified Rupp-Method trainer for accent modification. In my most recent job, I have been providing clinical services, business communication coaching and pronunciation coaching services for a speech therapy telepractice company. I started my business, The Speech Effect LLC, in 2022, and have quickly been growing to support both individuals seeking self-improvement skills, as well as corporations looking to invest in their employees by elevating their communication skills. For companies, our mission is to improve communicative inefficiencies across the workplace in order to foster professional growth and better business results. In my personal life, I love spending time with my husband, toddler, and newborn. I enjoy reading, hiking, biking, and spending as much time as possible outdoors!

Karyn Suarez

Accomplished and results-driven Communications Professor & Executive Coach with more than 10 years of experience in planning and coordinating seminars for soft skills improvement, providing coaching on effective communication, executive leadership, and negotiation and persuasion skills. Strong background in teaching and curriculum development, create engaging and effective courses to enhance student’s communication and emotional intelligence. Adept at creating collaborative and inclusive learning environment that fosters growth and development, utilizing interpersonal communication, public speaking, career facilitating and coaching abilities to empower students and professionals in achieving their higher potential to succeed in variety of industries. Seeking an opportunity in fast-paced environment where my skills can be utilized for the betterment of students, professionals and organizations. Core Competencies Includes: • English (Native), Spanish (Bilingual). • In-depth Knowledge of course development standards, and methodologies for engaging students in selected program, and ensuing comprehensive course curriculum to enhance student’s potential and improve outcomes. • Superior communication and management abilities, interacting with students and employees, and coaching them to communicate directly without any hesitation both inside organization and outside the organization effectively and express their thoughts. • Self-assured in developing professional relationships and successfully sustaining communication with employees. • Superior leadership and team management abilities to supervise and manage key employees, solid organizational skills along with multitasking ability to meet deadlines while coaching employee in line with policies and procedures.

Lisa Braithwaite

Lisa Braithwaite is on a mission to help thought leaders and changemakers build visibility, credibility, and awareness for their work through engaging presentations, a mindset of service, and authentic connection. Before launching her company in 2005, she spent sixteen years as an advocate and educator in the nonprofit sector, as well as founding her own nonprofit organization. Together with her B.A. in theater and M.A. in education, this background has influenced her upbeat and accessible approach to public speaking. Lisa's been hired by companies as diverse as Microsoft, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Intel, and the American Bus Association for the playful spirit she brings to training, and has been interviewed for her public speaking perspective and expertise in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Men's Health, Toastmaster Magazine, and She’s the author of "Presenting for Humans: Insights for Speakers on Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection." Lisa models authentic, aligned, collaborative and FUN presentations using relevant, practical, and useful content that activates the audience's emotional engagement and moves them into action. She lives in Ojai, California with her husband and spends her free time cooking, eating, and managing her cats' Instagram account.

Nae Sovaiala

Hello! I'm Nae Sovaiala, a communication specialist dedicated to empowering you to express yourself with clarity, structure, logic, and kindness. I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if everyone learned to communicate persuasively, rationally, and with understanding for the other. For over 15 years, I've dedicated my life to teaching the art of effective communication. As a co-founder of the Romanian Association for Thinking and Oratory and former Director of Training for the National Romanian Debate Association, I have extensive experience in designing and implementing communication focused learning processes. My work as a certifier of Master Trainers for the International Debate Education Association further attests to my expertise in this field. Through my company, Argument Antrenament, I strive to help as many people as possible cultivate the ability to engage in constructive conversations, even during challenging situations. If you're seeking a 1-on-1 trainer who is deeply committed to fostering your skills in compassionate and effective communication, who will help you handle those conversations that make your hands sweaty, it would be an honor for me to work with you. Together, we'll tailor our approach to your unique needs and goals, ensuring that you have the tools and confidence to succeed in any conversation, be it personal, professional, or public. My aim is to equip you with the ability to navigate difficult conversations with grace and understanding while embodying the values of kind communication and critical thinking. If you're ready to unlock your full communication potential and transform the way you interact with others, I invite you to connect with me. Let's embark on a journey towards a brighter, more articulate, and compassionate future together!

Nicole Guberman

I am the Founder & CEO of True Self Love™ Mindset & Transformational Coaching. After 20 years in opera performance, over 15 years in private vocal instruction, and over 10 years of hands-on experience in the coaching industry, I formalized my coaching company in early 2020. I am a mission-driven personal and professional development coach, board-certified alternative healing arts practitioner (NLP, hypnosis, TIME TechniquesTM, success coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique), and voice specialist. As a Self-Love Sorceress, I liberate corporate professionals, business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers, leaders, and healers into fearless, confident speakers, on the stage, screen, and anywhere in between. This means that I help people get assertive in their voice so that they can speak up, be seen, and celebrated in their workplaces, win promotions, better communicate with their partners, succeed in their relationships, and own deep self-confidence. As a result of working with me, clients transform their self-belief, they know how to speak up, their actual physical voice and presence is stronger so that they’re not just overlooked in a room, they know when and how to show up in a meeting, perform with poise and assurance in public presentations, and speak openly and authentically with their partner. I offer a variety of options for coaching, from 1:1 work, BreakThrough Sessions, or my group program. I also provide a complimentary Discovery Session, which is a consultation to help me learn more about your current situation, to determine how I can best serve you, and to discuss where you want to go in your personal and professional transformation. After we have discussed your current problem, and upon my decision to invite you into one of my coaching packages, we will work together in sessions to draw from your strengths, clarify actionable steps for solving problems, and create achievable outcomes. You will take risks as a presenter and communicator and live outside your comfort zone while being supported every step of the way. By working to understand the core of your anxiety, shame, hesitation, self-criticism, or self-doubt, we will collaborate on meaningful solutions that will free you from your fears. Ultimately, you will gain the skills to continue your journey with success long after our collaboration. I invite you to learn more about my work at and on LinkedIn:

Patrick Donadio, CSP, MCC

Patrick Donadio, MBA, is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Master Certified Coach (MCC), and author of the book “Communicating with IMPACT”. He specializes in Business Communications and Leadership Development. Patrick has taught and coached two generations of C-suite executives, leaders, and their organizations on how to apply his IMPACT process to help them lead more effectively, communicate clearly, present powerfully, build deeper relationships, boost credibility, increase sales, and achieve greater results. Patrick has been empowering audiences nationally and globally and training thousands of people in a wide range of industries, from Fortune 100 corporations to associations and governmental organizations, for over 20 years. Donadio has appeared on the same programs as renowned speakers such as Earvin "Magic" Johnson of the LA Lakers, Joan Lunden, former Good Morning America host, Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys, Lou Holtz of Notre Dame, George Will, ABC TV news analyst, and comedian Jeff Foxworthy, to name a few. Patrick has carefully taken his decades of experience and crafted a results-based process for “Communicating with IMPACT.” As a business communication coach, Donadio works with C-suite executives, senior vice presidents, leaders, and professional service providers to improve communication and presentation skills, speak at national conferences, lead effective in person and virtual meetings and committees, handle a media interview, increase sales, and enhance their community image. Donadio has served on the board of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is one of only a few people in the world to have earned both the NSA's Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the International Coach Federation's (ICF) Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation, the highest earned certifications from both associations. Patrick graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s in Communications from The Ohio University before going on to earn an MBA. He has taught communications at the University of Notre Dame, The Weatherhead School of Management, the Ohio State University, and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, among other institutions. Furthermore, he has been published and profiled in numerous publications as well as appearing on broadcast media, including NBC Nightly News, Psychology Today, Time Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Money, just to name a few.

Suzanne Sheely-Walker

Suzanne Sheel-Walker has more than 10-years of experience presenting interactive workshops with educators throughout the Southeast and local community organizations. She has been in the recruiting industry for more than ten years where she is able to use her unique skills to connect talent with the best opportunities to fit their skill set. She has recruited talent for corporations like Google, Delta Air Lines, UPS and Supply Chain Consultant firms. Independent clients request her coaching services for interviewing and presentation skills. Her clarity of speech and ability to connect with others has caught the attention of CNN’s Headline News where she has been featured in weekly segments. Best Selling author Tom Rath describes her as a “Master WOO.” She thrives on Winning Others Out of their comfort zone! Folks who have attended her workshops and seminars have labeled her as the person who helped them take their careers and lives to the next level by Living Out Loud. Suzanne is an award-winning Toastmaster and she is currently a member of Epic Orators Advanced Toastmasters and President's Club as well a recuring guest of National Speakers Association of Georgia.