Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You can check out instructional videos and a lot more content on our Youtube channel.

Your speeches belong to you. Only you can access them unless you share them with another user. We never sell your data or share it with third parties. Your data is stored on secure Google servers and you can ask to have it deleted any time. Our goal is to make speech coaching anxiety free and our privacy policy should reflect that. Here it is in simple English.

Yoodli is currently free of cost. We will keep the platform free forever and will charge a subscription for a premium version. If you’re a coach or enterprise looking for a white-labeled version with your branding and security, we can set that up for you.

We hope to see you on our community at

Yes. You can use Yoodli with any video conferencing platform (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Webex etc.). Yoodli comes in two modes: Team mode and private mode.

Team mode is recommended for coaches and teams - Yoodli joins your call as a participant and provides analytics for every speaker.

In private mode, Yoodli only records you so you don’t need to tell anyone that you’re using an AI speech coach (Yoodli does not record other participants).

You’re welcome to use the public version of Yoodli at Toastmasters has also created a bespoke version of Yoodli, centered around the Toastmasters member experience. In order to access that, please sign in to your Toastmasters member portal and click on Yoodli.

We’re working with thousands of communication coaches (speech coaches, SLPs, media trainers, interview coaches, and more). Think of Yoodli as the medical report if you’re the doctor. We do the boring tasks (counting filler words, generating transcripts, keeping track of client progress) so you can focus on the nuances of coaching. Yoodli helps you save time, get more clients, and drive better coaching outcomes.

Sign up for Yoodli and make sure to select the “I’m a coach” answer during the onboarding survey.

We’re giving a few leading coaches (TEDx trainers, world champions of public speaking etc.) the opportunity to shape the future of Yoodli and join the coach advisory board. Board member benefits include feedback on early features, coach mastermind coaching, and access to Yoodli corporate clients.

Please reach out at if you’d like to be considered.

Please feel free to email us at