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AI Speech Coach in Action

Yoodli AI Speech Coach in action


Trusted by employees at the world’s best companies

"Yoodli is like having your um counter, grammarian and general evaluator whenever you speak"
Alicia Curtis
Toastmasters Ambassador
"Yoodli is the reason I won my division speech contest. I was able to measure my pacing to sound more natural"
Diane Windingland
Distinguished Toastmaster
“I can finally see data about my speaking style and track progress. Like Strava and Garmin but for speaking”
Marc B.
CEO, Supra PM Community
"I finally feel more confident when presenting to executives - I don't look silly anymore. Thank you Yoodli"
Palak G.
PM, Microsoft

How Yoodli Works


👯‍♀️ You've got options

Record your entire Zoom call with Team Yoodli

Record just yourself on online calls with Private Yoodli

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👀 Take a closer look

Watch your recording. Let the AI Speech Coach show you notable moments.

Check out your AI-generated analytics. How fast were you talking? Did you use any filler words? Use your numbers to get better!

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💪 It’s how we improve!

Connect your calendar to get Yoodli to auto-join your calls

Pick an analytic to improve on and try to beat yourself

Celebrate your wins and keep practicing with Games or Record a Speech

Personalized coaching

Get personalized and private analytics on your visual, verbal, and vocal delivery. Um no more filler words, you know what I mean?

Impromptu Speaking

Practice fun 30 second drills to improve your impromptu speaking and manage your fear of public speaking

Built by experts

Yoodli is built by experts

Personalized speech coaching and public speaking classes from Toastmasters winners, TEDx coaches and other experts

Use Yoodli whenever you speak