How to Introduce a Guest Speaker (with Examples)

May 25, 2023


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Introducing a guest speaker is an important responsibility that sets the stage for their presentation and creates an atmosphere of anticipation. A well-crafted introduction not only provides essential information about the speaker but also captivates the audience and builds excitement. In this article, we will explore the art of giving an introduction for a guest speaker and how to craft a brilliant script for introducing a guest speaker. From the best way to introduce a speaker to example speeches and tips for making a memorable impact, we will equip you with the tools to deliver introductions that engage, entertain, and leave a lasting impression.

What is the Best Way to Introduce a Speaker?

Introducing a speaker effectively requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some key elements to keep in mind for a successful speaker introduction:

1. Research and Gather Information

Before introducing the guest speaker, conduct thorough research to gather relevant information about their background, achievements, and expertise. This will help you create an introduction that is both personalized and impactful.

2. Establish Credibility

Highlight the speaker’s credentials and accomplishments to establish their credibility in the eyes of the audience. Share their relevant experience, expertise, and any notable achievements that are relevant to the topic of their presentation.

3. Create a Connection

Find a compelling way to establish a connection between both the speaker and the audience. This can be through shared interests, experiences, or values. For example, if you’re introducing a guest speaker at your university who happens to be an alumnus of your school, make sure you draw attention to that in your introduction. Creating a relatable connection helps the audience connect with the speaker right from the start.

4. Build Anticipation

Engage the audience’s curiosity by giving a glimpse of what the speaker will later cover in their presentation. Tease key points, intriguing anecdotes, or unique perspectives that the audience can look forward to during the talk. This builds anticipation and captures attention for the following presentation.

5. Keep it Concise and Engaging

Aim for a concise, but also interesting, introduction. Use short, direct sentences that convey information clearly. In addition, avoid lengthy biographies or unnecessary details that may lose the audience’s interest. Finally, craft your words carefully to maintain a lively and engaging tone.

Practice Makes Perfect When Introducing a Guest Speaker

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Example of a Great Guest Speaker Introduction Speech

To illustrate the power of a great guest speaker introduction, let’s take a look at a sample guest speaker introduction speech:

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

Today, we have the privilege of being in the presence of a true visionary and leader in the field of environmental sustainability. Our guest speaker has dedicated her career to finding innovative solutions for a greener and more sustainable future.

[Speaker’s Name], the CEO of [Organization/Company Name], has successfully spearheaded numerous initiatives that have had a profound impact on our environment. Under her leadership, the company has revolutionized the way we approach sustainability challenges, pushing boundaries and inspiring change.

With over two decades of experience in environmental engineering, [Speaker’s Name] has been at the forefront of designing groundbreaking technologies and implementing sustainable practices in industries ranging from renewable energy to waste management. Her expertise has earned her international recognition and multiple prestigious awards.

But it’s not just her professional achievements that make her special. [Speaker’s Name] is a passionate advocate for educating the next generation on the importance of environmental stewardship. Her engaging speaking style and ability to connect with audiences of all backgrounds make her an inspiration to many.

Today, [Speaker’s Name] will be sharing her insights on how we can create a more sustainable future through innovation and collaboration. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and empowered to take action.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving a warm welcome to the exceptional [Speaker’s Name]!

This example highlights the speaker’s credentials, builds a connection, creates anticipation, and sets the stage for an engaging and informative presentation.

What Do You Say First When Introducing a Guest Speaker?

The first few sentences of a guest speaker introduction are crucial in capturing the audience’s attention and setting the tone for the entire introduction. Here are some effective opening lines to consider adding to your script when introducing a guest speaking:

1. Engage with a Thought-Provoking Question

Start with a thought-provoking question related to the speaker‚Äôs topic or expertise. This immediately grabs the audience‚Äôs attention and, what‚Äôs more, encourages them to actively participate in the introduction. For example: ‚ÄúHave you ever wondered how a single individual can make a significant impact on global environmental issues?‚ÄĚ

2. Begin with a Captivating Anecdote or Story

Introduce the speaker by sharing a captivating anecdote or story that relates to their work or accomplishments. This narrative approach instantly draws the audience in and also builds an emotional connection.

Example of a Personal Anecdote for a Guest Speaker Introduction:

‚ÄúPicture this: It was a sunny afternoon in the heart of our city, and I found myself walking through the bustling streets, surrounded by the sound of honking cars and the hum of conversation. Amidst the chaos, I stumbled upon a small park nestled between towering buildings‚ÄĒa hidden oasis of greenery and serenity.

As I entered the park, I noticed a group of children huddled around a captivating woman who stood in front of a majestic oak tree. It was none other than our esteemed guest speaker, [Speaker’s Name]. She was engaging the children in a lively discussion about the wonders of nature and the importance of preserving our environment.

What struck me most was the way [Speaker’s Name] effortlessly connected with these young minds, sparking their curiosity and inspiring them to take action. I watched as she shared stories of her own childhood adventures exploring forests, climbing trees, and discovering the beauty of our natural world.

In that moment, I realized the profound impact [Speaker‚Äôs Name] had on these children‚ÄĒinstilling a deep love and respect for the environment. Her passion was contagious, and it reminded me of the power we all possess to make a difference, no matter how small.

From that day forward, I became an avid follower of [Speaker’s Name]’s work. Her commitment to environmental stewardship and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is truly remarkable. Today, we have the incredible honor of welcoming her to this stage to share her insights and inspire us all to join the movement for a greener and more sustainable future.

Ladies and gentlemen, please finally join me in giving a warm welcome to the extraordinary [Speaker‚Äôs Name]!‚ÄĚ

3. Use a Powerful Quote

Start with a powerful quote that encapsulates the essence of the speaker‚Äôs message or expertise. Quotes are attention-grabbing and can also convey a sense of authority and relevance. For example: ‚ÄúAs Albert Einstein once said, ‚ÄėWe cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.'‚ÄĚ

4. Make a Bold Statement

Begin your script to introduce your guest speaker with a bold and impactful statement that immediately captures the audience‚Äôs attention. This statement should be concise yet intriguing, sparking curiosity as well as setting the stage for the speaker‚Äôs presentation. For example: ‚ÄúToday, you‚Äôre about to witness a groundbreaking approach to tackling one of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change.‚ÄĚ

Remember, the opening lines of your script to introduce a guest speaker are the gateway to engaging the audience and setting the stage for a memorable presentation. Choose an approach that aligns with the speaker’s personality as well as the event’s atmosphere, and don’t be afraid to be creative and captivating.


Giving an introduction for a guest speaker is an art that requires careful planning, research, and an understanding of the audience’s expectations. By following the principles discussed in this article and using examples as inspiration, you can deliver introductions that engage, entertain, and leave a lasting impression. Remember, the goal is to set the stage for the speaker’s presentation and create a sense of excitement and anticipation. So, go ahead, embrace the power of a well-crafted introduction, and make every guest speaker’s presence an unforgettable experience for your audience.


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